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Travis Patrick White Newport Beach Realtor Leveraging Virtual Showings to Drive Sales

 Travis Patrick White Newport Beach Realtor is leveraging virtual showings to sell properties in southern California and Idaho. Meetings online are helping buyers and sellers mitigate the risks of COVID-19 while expediting home sales and helping buyers find investment properties or forever homes.

When Travis Patrick White Newport Beach Realtor shows homes virtually, he makes it easy for buyers to see home features and amenities. He also explains upgrades, improvements, and the unique features of homes to give buyers the best information for decision making. Virtual showings are efficient, and often-times result in more information being disseminated to buyers. Virtual showings also give buyers a well-rounded view of homes and the potential to record and re-watch meetings.

The process of scheduling a virtual showing is simple and straightforward, allowing buyers to view properties from the comfort of their homes. Online scheduling allows buyers to pick a date and a time that’s convenient. It also allows buyers to view multiple homes in a shorter period of time, creating a better purchasing decision based on a higher volume of home showings. The more options that buyers have increased the chances of the optimal home purchase.

Travis Patrick White Newport Beach Realtor shows investment properties near the beach and inland. He is adept at helping buyers find properties that meet their portfolio and return on investment requirements. As an investor, Travis Patrick White Newport Beach Realtor understands what properties are ideal for portfolios. This includes the southern California market as well as real estate in Idaho, where many Californians are moving or buying vacation properties.

Buyers looking for vacation homes can rely on Travis Patrick White Newport Beach Realtor to find the perfect property. Whether it is a beachfront home in Newport Beach or a house that’s within walking distance to the water, Travis Patrick White Newport Beach Realtor knows the market and can locate properties within the right price range to accommodate buyers.

Travis Patrick White Newport Beach Realtor began investing in beach rental properties at an early age and subsequently made real estate his career. He’s also founded and sold Internet-based businesses. Travis Patrick White Newport Beach Realtor continues to expand in the southern California and Idaho real estate markets, while leveraging technology to deliver substantial results to clients.

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